Soy Candles Are a Great Alternative to Big Box Stores Candle

Why I Switched From Ikea Candles to Soy Candles?

It goes without saying that candles come along with a very rich history that dates all the way back to biblical times. Candles were used prior to the invention of electricity and they were used as the only light source for many years. Today, even with the use of electricity, candles are still very popular. The original candles were made from coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil and beeswax. However, a lot of the candles that you will find today are made from paraffin wax.

While they are popular, once I realized that the Ikea Candles (as well as those from other big box stores) that I’ve using all these years are made of paraffin wax, I was shocked. I quickly learned that the raw material that is used with paraffin candles is actually a by-product of crude oil (yuck). In natural form, this is a very unattractive sludge that is gray-black in color. In order to make it usable, the paraffin will have to be bleached and solidified with the addition of a chemical that is a known carcinogenic called acrolyn.

These chemicals make the candles both unfriendly to the environment and a potential danger to our health when we burn these candles in our homes. Second, when they are burned, the soot can lead to a number of respiratory issues that will include allergies, asthma and other complications. Burning paraffin candles can also result in a lot of harmful by-products such as acetone, benzene and acetaldehyde.

Once I realized this harmful toxin that’s lingering in my home, I immediately researched for a better option and that’s when I learned that Soy candles are a viable option over paraffin candles for a number of reasons. The candles are made from only 100% soy from soy beans with no additional fillers or additives. This makes them classified as a renewable resource and completely environmentally friendly. Second, the soy candles will burn at a lower temperature and a lot slower than other candles. This will not only increase the burn time, but you also have a reduction in the residue that could be left behind. This residue is also biodegradable, unlike you would get from paraffin wax candles.

In addition, soy candles are also going to give off a lot less soot when compared to paraffin. As a matter of fact, 90% less soot is given off, which makes them a lot healthier when you are using the candles in an enclosed space. Your room is going to be able to remain soot free and clean. Because of all of these reasons, it is easy to see exactly why soy candles are a much better option than paraffin candles in your home.

There are a few companies that offer scented soy candles which we found to offer a more natural and less riskier option. One of which is Skore Candle, a Canadian-based manufacturer that offers top of the range natural ingredients from all the major manufacturers and suppliers throughout the US and Canada. To learn more about the company, click on their profile page.

Their products have or guarantee the following core advantages:

  • 100% Pure-Soybean Wax candles
  • High Quality, Lead Free Pure Cotton Core Wicks
  • Absolutely 0% Petroleum, Paraffin or By-products
  • Zero Additive and Zero Dye for super-clean optimum burns
  • Fragrances that contain no Phthalates; Kosher & Vegan-Certified Fragrances
  • No animal tested products and properly-sourced components I ordered their Lavender Field Soy Candle and I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the subtle scents of this candle which reminded me of the lavender fields that we’ve visited many years ago in the Okanagan Valley. I liked that the scent was not overpowering and it actually lasted a long time compared to the ones I buy from the stores. They also offer a wide range of scents including Blueberry Cobbler, Citrus Burst and my personal favorite Lemongrass.