Another Vaccine Conspiracy Uncovered

High Profile Vaccine Conspiracy Exposed

There seems to be a lot of these going on recently and we should be grateful that we have whistle blowers that report these types of monstrosity in our society.  This time vaccine conspiracy for HPV (see definition below).  The reality is that we live in a world where most of the major industries—agriculture, banking, energy, health and media, telecommunications—are controlled by a few dominant “international” corporations which use their wealth, influence and lobbying power to further their own interests at the expense of “we the people”. Thus, government officials no longer represent the people; instead, they represent those special interests that put them and keep them in power.

Read the whole story by Catherine J. Frompovich of The Daily Sheeple on the questionable safety behind vaccines.

As a researcher who’s been tracking vaccine issues, including scientific hijinks, since the 1980s, I cannot express what a pleasure it is to report the following unfolding vaccine geo-political drama. This alleged conspiratorial action is about the fourth or fifth one to break into daylight.

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HPV Treatment & Possible Cures

If you’re not familiar with HPV, here’s a good description from Biogetica and promises a Homeopathic Remedy that eliminates symptoms for good.

Human Papilloma virus (HPV) infects the skin and mucous membranes of humans. There are around 120 types of HPV. More than 40 of these HPV types are typically transmitted through sexual contact. It is also spread by skin contact. Most HPV infections do not show any manifestations, even though they are present in the body. Such dormant infections can get activated at any point when there is a drop in immunity. Even in the dormant state it may be transmitted to another individual.