Are Aerosol Sprays Safe to Use?

What Makes Aerosol Sprays Dangerous?

Aerosol sprays put out fluid droplets that get formed through a process that is known as atomization, which is dispersed in a gaseous form. The sprays are made through a spray nozzle and are used to help distribute liquids over a large surface area. Sprays are often used in cosmetics, agriculture, industry, insecticides and painting.  It can be used for a wide number of purposes including painting surfaces, steel production, mining precious metals including gold, killing insects. Not to mention the production of beverages and foods, gas turbines, electrical power generation, burning fuels in jets, cleaning surfaces and so much more.

Aerosols are a substance that contain small insoluble particles that are sent out through other substances like liquids or gas. They can either be artificial or natural in nature. The natural aerosols include geyser streams, forest exudates and fog. Artificial aerosol includes air pollutants, dust particles, smoke and haze. Aerosols are usually used for calibrating measuring instruments, testing, research, sampling, air fresheners, respiratory sickness treatment, dispersing insecticides and more. These  are generated by aerosol sprays, atomizer nozzles, nebulizers, electronic cigarettes, vibrating orifice and electro-spray aerosol generators.

Certain artificial sprays, including Febreze, (although they’re certainly not the only manufacturer of these products) can be dangerous because of the following factors:

Aerosol sprays can interfere with the ability of the nose for smelling by releasing a chemical that is called Methoxychlor that can coat the inside of the nasal cavity with a thin film that paralyzes the olfactory nerves. This can inhibit their ability to transmit the necessary signals to the brain and leaving the nose unable to identify smells. If this is something that persists for too long, the nose is at risk of never being able to positively recognize smells.

There is a very toxic chemical composition inside these sprays, with many of which including fomaldehyde, benzene, paradychlorobenzene, pthalates, pehnol, styrene and methoxychlor. These substances can lead to a disruption in the hormonal activity of the body, causing irritations or nausea along with a variety of physical discomfort.

Most aerosol sprays will also include chlorofluorocarbons and they can be destructive to our ozone layer. It is important that we pay attention to the sanctity and safety of life on our planet or it is going to be at greater risk of becoming compromised in the long run. Future generations will end up having to pay for any of the mistakes that we have been making. Such fumes are also toxic to the lungs, can irritate the eyes and even discolor the clothing that we wear.

In addition to all of these disadvantages, the sprays can be ineffective as they are not working on dealing with the actual cause of the smell. Instead, they are cutting back on your ability to even detect the originating smell to begin with.

Natural Scent And Spray Benefits

Fortunately not all sprays pose dangerous effect to our health and the environment. There are natural alternatives available in the market (though hard to find) that come along with their very own set of advantages, most notably as follows:

They are going to be eco-friendly as there are no artificial ingredients involved or dangerous chemicals. This means that they are conserving the environment for generations to come.

These sprays are safe for kids to be around because there are no toxins involved. They also do not invade the lining of the hair, or cuticles, when they are sprayed. If they are inhaled accidentally or the spray gets on your hands or in your eyes, it is not going to pose a danger like chemical sprays would.

When used properly, these natural sprays are very effective. They are designed for specific tasks and if they are used the right way, you will have the maximum benefit.

One of the best alternative to aerosol sprays when freshening the home are scented soy candles due to the natural ingredients used to manufacture them which is a safer alternative due to its health benefits. Coconut oil, for example, can be used to soothe the skin or used for a variety of therapeutic purposes. One candle manufacturer that epitomizes the highest quality pure soy candle available in the market that offer a variety of scents to choose from.

Learn how to make soy candles at home with this video.

Natural options also come with economical benefits and some of the beautiful options including lavender, pine and cedar can be wonderful for aromatherapy.